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Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu

Civic Engagement

About Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu

dr. rachakonda prabhuDr. Rachakonda Prabhu has been practicing medicine for more than thirty years. Throughout his extensive career, he has significantly contributed to founding the Red Rock Medical Group, El Dorado Medical Center, and the Sleep Center of Nevada. He practices general internal medicine, in addition to pulmonary and sleep medicine, and became the first physician in Nevada to be trained and experienced in Laser Bronchoscopy. He practices Critical Care Medicine and teaches Residents and Fellows in University Medical Center and Valley Hospital Medical Center.

Dr. Prabhu has received a thorough education in both the United States and India, his birthplace, and where he emigrated from in the early 1970s. There, he attended R. G. Kar Medical College in Calcutta before emigrating the United States where he performed his internship, residency, and fellowship training at The Mount Sinai Hospital Services City Hospital Center at Elmhurst.

Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu has been practicing medicine for 30 years.

He's earned recognition from seven world leaders including former United States Presidents Obama, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Reagan.

Dr. Prabhu has published 4 well-received papers throughout his career.

Throughout his career to this day, Dr. Prabhu has taken on multiple research projects and published four well-received articles. His reputation and accomplishments have garnered such praise that he has been called to speak to these points as a guest at medical conferences and on radio shows.

Dr. Prabhu’s research has been recognized and lauded worldwide by not only the families he has served, but also world leaders such as former United States Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan, as well as Russia’s former Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev. President Obama even invited both Dr. Prabhu and his wife to attend his 2008 Presidential Inauguration. He is a proud member of the Grand Sovereign Dynastic Order of Knights of Saint George.

He has served on various hospital committees such as Quality Assurance, Medical Review, and Critical Care to ensure their patients the utmost quality service. Dr. Prabhu has also conducted numerous clinical research investigations over the past decade, eager to ensure patients are only receiving the safest medicine available.

  • President of the Board of Medical Examiners for the State of Nevada
  • President of the Indian American Forum for Political Education
  • Knighted by his Imperial Royal Highness, Prince Henri Constantine into the Grand Soverign
    Dynastic Order of Knights of St. George.

Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu poses with former President Barack Obama.

Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu

Dr. Prabhu is photographed with former President Ronald Reagan and former leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev.

Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu

Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife stand with Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu and his wife.

Currently, Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu and his wife reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. He primarily treats patients with asthma, lung disease, and undiagnosed sleep apnea. When he is not seeing patients, Dr. Prabhu can be found volunteering his time with relief funds all around the world and voluntary medical treatment. This generosity with his time and talents speaks to how much he cares about his patients and community at large. He enjoys participating in and educating and encouraging others to become involved in local level politics. Dr. Prabhu takes great pride in being part of his community and is always willing to hand in whatever capacity is needed.

How To Inspire Community Involvement

How To Inspire Community Involvement

Becoming a continuously active member of your community is a goal to strive for in order to promote change and overall well-being. As a physician, getting involved in issues, events, and different projects is a huge part of outreach and making connections. Finding ways to inspire community involvement among your peers, colleagues, and neighbors can be a challenge. A great way to promote involvement and raise volunteer numbers is by putting together an effective strategy for your particular community.

Get to know community members
Especially when you or your business is new to the area, one way to gain the trust of the residents is by getting to know them. Attending some already arranged community functions or inviting groups out to lunch is a way to get to know the members in your community. This gives both sides the opportunity to discuss any problems they may have.

Give people a say
When people feel like their point of view is being heard and taken into consideration, they are more likely to get involved in community initiatives and volunteer their time and money. People are apt to volunteer when the event, issue or project is something that is personal to them. This is a great way to gain trust among the members of your community.

Put together an event
Another way to inspire and promote involvement is by putting together an event for the community. Some people can react positively to volunteerism when they are in front of a group of people and have the support of others. A successful event grabs the attention of potential volunteers.

Let others lead
Whether you are one of the sole leaders within the community involvement or brand new to the community, it is always best to show others you trust their leadership and ideas by putting them in charge of different initiatives. This is especially helpful when reaching out to the youth in the community. This can inspire leadership in community projects and outreach to improve the well being of your neighborhood.

One of the best ways to teach involvement is by your own involvement. If you are a newcomer and looking to get community projects up and running or a seasoned volunteer, some of these strategies can greatly improve the turnout for your future projects. Getting to know your fellow neighbors and working together towards common goals will significantly improve the quality of your community.


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