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Whether you have a practice that wants to become more involved in the community or you personally want to volunteer, as a doctor, there are many things you can do to help better your community by volunteering your time, support and money. Not only will it help yourself and your practice, but it will make for a stronger and prosperous area to work and live in.

A great way to gain trust and visibility of your community is by attending fundraising events and becoming event sponsors. Events are happening in local communities on a yearly basis whether they are 5k races, festivals, thons and many more. Supporting these initiatives will help bring costs down for events that bring the community together.

Sponsoring Local Sports Teams
As a medical practice, one great way to volunteer is by sponsoring your local sports teams, such a little league, club soccer teams, etc. This type of involvement serves as a great way to show the community you care and helps to build trust and awareness in the community. This is always an effortless and affordable option for medical practices at any stage.

Sitting on a Board of Directors
Joining a board of directors within local non-profits can be very beneficial to both the organizations and yourself and practice. Non-profit organizations can use the knowledge and financial support of medical offices and physicians. You can become very involved in local events by volunteering to sit on a board of a non-profit that alines with your interests. You will help create conversations and change in the non-profit setting, outside of the medical field.

Volunteering on High School Athletics
A lot of local doctors will volunteer to be the physician for high school sports teams, working alongside the athletic trainer for football games, soccer games, etc. This serves as a way for you to interact with parents and treat students attending the local schools and creates the possibility of gaining more patients.

Volunteering doesn’t take more than a few hours of your time and can improve the lives and wellbeing of the members of your community. Getting involved helps in many ways than one. Lending a hand to support events, organizations, and schools within your community will help to strengthen the trust, loyalty, and bond you create.