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Getting involved in your community is a positive way to bring about change in your area. Whether you are a part of a company or an individual, there are many benefits to immersing yourself in community events, volunteering and participating in surveys. Committing to make your community a better place by giving your time to skills and voice to your surroundings and making an impact.  

Making your voice heard
Many organizations will ask for the opinions, observations, and suggestions from community members and businesses in the area. This is a great time to let your voice be heard. Whether you are an individual in the community or have a family, giving and receiving advise can help move towards a more positive community.

Businesses in the area can benefit largely from sharing their opinions with matters going on in the community. Decisions will affect the way their business runs and if you can help to ensure positive change with open forums and discussions, it will change the future of your company.

Sharing your skills
This pertains to both individuals and companies in their community. Sharing any skills and knowledge you have with the people and businesses in your community helps to continue building that trust. It shows people that you aren’t just here for the “money” aspect and want to give back.

A great way to increase visibility and brand awareness is by networking. One of the easiest ways to network is by getting involved in your community. This is a huge benefit when it comes to you specifically or a company you work for. It creates a bond and a way for people in the community to get to know you or a business, by being able to put a face to the name. People will seek out a business or service if they know they can trust them.

Becoming a reliable member of your community is the bottom line with community involvement and collaboration. People want to see the businesses in their area give back and continue to be enthusiastic about their community. Participation is a key aspect to gain the trust of your fellow community members. Gaining more business and networking, whether it is personal or business related, is what helps everyone involved and keeps our communities thriving.